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Beverages Item Codes

Explore Skyrim item codes. Information on how to use the item code, how to open the Skyrim command console, compatible Skyrim commands, examples, and required DLCs (if any).
Skyrim Item ID
Skyrim DLC
Firebrand Wine 0001895F
Black-Briar Mead 0002C35A
Wine 0003133C 000C5348
Nord Mead 00034C5D
Ale 00034C5E
Colovian Brandy 00036D53
Double-Distilled Skooma 0003F4BD
Honningbrew Mead 000508CA
Dragon's Breath Mead 000555E8
Skooma 00057A7A
Kordir's Skooma 00057A7B
Velvet LeChance 00065C37
White-Gold Tower 00065C38
Cliff Racer 00065C39
Spiced Wine 00085368
Argonian Ale 0009380D
Sleeping Tree Sap 000AED90
Cyrodilic Brandy 000B91D7
Alto Wine 000C5349 0003133B
Stros M'Kai Rum 000D055E
Balmora Blue 000DC172
Jessica's Wine 000F257E
Black-Briar Reserve 000F693F
Mead with Juniper Berry 00107A8A
Argonian Bloodwine XX003535
Surilie Brothers Wine XX003536
Redwater Skooma XX01391D
Flin XX0207E5
Sujamma XX0207E6
Shein XX0248CC
Matze XX0248CE
Sadri's Sujamma XX024E0B
Emberbrand Wine XX0320DF
Ashfire Mead XX03572F