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Clothing Item Codes

Explore Skyrim item codes. Information on how to use the item code, how to open the Skyrim command console, compatible Skyrim commands, examples, and required DLCs (if any).
Skyrim Item ID
Skyrim DLC
Redguard Hood 000E0DD2
Party Boots 000E40DE
Party Clothes 000E40DF
Vaermina Robes 000E739B
Embellished Robes 000E84C4
Refined Tunic 000E84C6
Radiant Raiment Fine Clothes 000E9EB5
Embroidered Garments 000EAD49
Clothes 000F1229 000209A6 0006C1DA 00017695 0006C1D9 0006C1D8 0003452E 000261C0 0005B6A1 0006FF38 0004223C 0006FF45
Black Robes 00106661
Hooded Monk Robes 00107106
Hooded Black Robes 00107108
Red Hooded Robes 0010CFEB
Green Robes 0010CFF0
Grey Robes 0010CFF1
Red Robes 0010CFF2
Prisoner's Cuffs 0010E039
College Boots 0010E2DC 0010E2CE
Archmage's Robes 0010F570
Moth Priest Robes XX0047D7
Moth Priest Sandals XX0047D9
Moth Priest Blindfold XX0047DA
Boy's Red Tunic XX00C742
Boy's Green Tunic XX00C743
Boy's Blue Tunic XX00C744
Boy's Grey Tunic XX00C745
Boy's Yellow Tunic XX00C746
Girl's Blue Dress XX00D81E
Girl's Green Dress XX00D81F
Girl's Grey Dress XX00D820
Girl's Red Dress XX00D821
Girl's Yellow Dress XX00D822
Taron Dreth's Robes XX014C03
Boots XX01570B
Vampire Hood XX019ADE
Vampire Robes XX019ADF
Vampire Boots XX019AE1
Vampire Gloves XX019AE3
Skaal Villager's Outfit XX01CDA9
Temple Priest Robes XX01CDAB
Dunmer Shoes XX03705A
Dunmer Outfit XX03706A XX01CDAA XX037065 XX037066 XX03706B XX03706C
Boots XX0376D9
Telvanni Robes XX0376ED
Cultist Robes XX037B8A XX01CDA6
Cultist Boots XX037B8E
Miraak's Robes XX039E1E XX039D20 XX039D22
Temple Priest Boots XX03B04B
Temple Priest Hood XX03B04E