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Heavy Armor Item Codes

Explore Skyrim item codes. Information on how to use the item code, how to open the Skyrim command console, compatible Skyrim commands, examples, and required DLCs (if any).
Skyrim Item ID
Skyrim DLC
Falmer Heavy Boots XX0023EF
Auriel's Shield XX00284D
Dawnguard Full Helmet XX0050D0
Aetherial Shield XX005759
Falmer Hardened Boots XX00E8DD
Falmer Hardened Armor XX00E8DE
Falmer Hardened Gauntlets XX00E8DF
Falmer Hardened Helm XX00E8E0
Dawnguard Heavy Armor XX00F3F7 (Brown) XX00F3FA (Gray)
Shellbug Helmet XX012E8A
Dawnguard Heavy Boots XX014757
Dawnguard Heavy Gauntlets XX014758
Dawnguard Shield XX0150B8
Ahzidal's Boots of Waterwalking XX01C655
Chitin Heavy Boots XX01CD82
Chitin Heavy Armor XX01CD8A
Chitin Heavy Gauntlets XX01CD8B
Chitin Heavy Helmet XX01CD8C
Bonemold Boots XX01CD92
Bonemold Armor XX01CD93
Bonemold Gauntlets XX01CD94
Bonemold Helmet XX01CD95
Nordic Carved Boots XX01CD96
Nordic Carved Armor XX01CD97
Nordic Carved Gauntlets XX01CD98
Nordic Carved Helmet XX01CD99
Stalhrim Boots XX01CD9E
Stalhrim Armor XX01CD9F
Stalhrim Gauntlets XX01CDA0
Stalhrim Helm XX01CDA1
Ahzidal's Armor of Retribution XX01DB97
Ahzidal's Helm of Vision XX01DB98
Ahzidal's Gauntlets of Warding XX01DB99
Zahkriisos XX024037
Ahzidal XX0240FE
Dukaan XX0240FF
Bonemold Shield XX026234
Nordic Shield XX026236
Dented Iron Shield XX03399C
Bonemold Pauldron Armor XX037563
Bonemold Guard Armor XX037564
Cultist Mask XX037B88
Visage of Mzund XX038ADD
Miraak XX039FA1 (1–44) XX039FA2 (45–59) XX039FA3 (60+)
Improved Bonemold Gauntlets XX03AB22
Improved Bonemold Helmet XX03AB23
Improved Bonemold Shield XX03AB24
Improved Bonemold Boots XX03AB25
Improved Bonemold Armor XX03AB26