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Keys Item Codes

Explore Skyrim item codes. Information on how to use the item code, how to open the Skyrim command console, compatible Skyrim commands, examples, and required DLCs (if any).
Skyrim Item ID
Skyrim DLC
Key to Klimmek's House 00106E24
Key to Mehrunes' Shrine 00107D97
Key to Falion's House 00108BA4
Key to Morthal Guardhouse 00108BA5
Maluril's Room Key 0010BEFF
Confiscated Goods Key 0010E7E6
Dawnguard Cache Key XX0034FB
Boneyard Key XX004BD5
Redwater Den Backrooms Key XX008E1F
Redwater Wellspring Key XX008E20
Ruunvald Key XX013833
Morvayn Manor Key XX018450
Raven Rock Temple Key XX018451
Retching Netch Key XX018452
Alor House Key XX018453
Glover Mallory's House Key XX018454
Caerellius House Key XX018455
Severin Manor Key XX018456
Ienth Farmhouse Key XX018457
Gyldenhul Barrow Key XX018D1C
Oslaf's House Key XX018F9F
Deor's House Key XX018FA4
Morwen's House Key XX018FAD
Wulf's House Key XX018FB0
Baldor's House Key XX018FB7
Edla's House Key XX018FBB
Skaal Greathall Key XX018FC7
Benkongerike Key XX01A971
Tel Mithryn Apothecary Key XX01BD05
Tel Mithryn Kitchen Key XX01BD06
Severin Safe Key XX01F31E
Fort Frostmoth Key XX01F4B4
Raven Rock Mine Key XX020A43
Castle Karstaag Key XX02481A
Raven Rock Tomb Key XX024E02
Brand-Shei's Strongbox Key XX024FA7
Treasure Room Key XX027663
Whiterun Jail Key XX027664
Key to Abandoned Lodge XX027E00
Temple of Miraak Key XX028930
Vendil Ulen's Chest Key XX0292A8
Merilar Cage Door Key XX0297DA
Glover's Guild Key XX02AD3D
Tel Mithryn Apothecary Key XX03369E
Tel Mithryn Kitchen Key XX03369F
Tel Mithryn Steward's Key XX0336A0
Raven Rock Jail Key XX034F97
Severin Manor Key XX03BD09
Staff Enchanter Key XX03D23F