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Perks Item Codes

Explore Skyrim item codes. Information on how to use the item code, how to open the Skyrim command console, compatible Skyrim commands, examples, and required DLCs (if any).
Skyrim Item ID
Skyrim DLC
Silence 00105F24
Treasure Hunter 00105F26
Poisoned 00105F28
Intimidation 00105F29
Experimenter Rank 2 00105F2A
Experimenter Rank 3 00105F2B
Snakeblood 00105F2C
Green Thumb 00105F2E
Concentrated Poison 00105F2F
Summoner Rank 1 00105F30
Summoner Rank 2 00105F31
Rune Master 00105F32
Reflect Blows 00105F33
Block Runner 00106253
Dual Flurry Rank 1 00106256
Dual Flurry Rank 2 00106257
Dual Savagery 00106258
Quick hands 00106259
Wax Key 00107830
Deft Movement 00107831
Matching Set 00107832
Soul Siphon 00108A44
Persuasion 001090A2
Master Trader 001090A5
Augmented Flames Rank 2 0010FCF8
Augmented Frost Rank 2 0010FCF9
Augmented Shock Rank 2 0010FCFA
Blood Healing XX005994
Unearthly Will XX005995
Poison Talons XX005996
Night Cloak XX005997
Power of the Grave XX005998
Vampiric Grip XX00599A
Detect All Creatures XX00599B
Mist Form XX00599C
Supernatural Reflexes XX00599E
Bestial Strength 1 XX0059A4
Animal Vigor XX0059A5
Savage Feeding XX0059A6
Gorging XX0059A7
Totem of Terror XX0059A8
Totem of the Predator XX0059A9
Totem of Ice Brothers XX0059AA
Totem of the Moon XX0059AB
Bestial Strength 2 XX007A3F
Corpse Curse XX008A70
Bestial Strength 3 XX011CFA
Bestial Strength 4 XX011CFB
Summon Gargoyle XX016908