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Poisons Item Codes

Explore Skyrim item codes. Information on how to use the item code, how to open the Skyrim command console, compatible Skyrim commands, examples, and required DLCs (if any).
Skyrim Item ID
Skyrim DLC
Unceasing Magicka Poison 00073F40
Stamina Poison 00073F41
Potent Stamina Poison 00073F42
Virulent Stamina Poison 00073F43
Deadly Stamina Poison 00073F44
Enduring Stamina Poison 00073F45
Lasting Stamina Poison 00073F46
Persisting Stamina Poison 00073F47
Unceasing Stamina Poison 00073F48
Aversion to Fire 00073F49
Potent Aversion to Fire 00073F4A
Malign Aversion to Fire 00073F4B
Deadly Aversion to Fire 00073F4C
Aversion to Frost 00073F4D
Potent Aversion to Frost 00073F4E
Malign Aversion to Frost 00073F4F
Deadly Aversion to Frost 00073F50
Weak Aversion to Shock 00073F52
Potent Aversion to Shock 00073F53
Malign Aversion to Shock 00073F54
Deadly Aversion to Shock 00073F55
Aversion to Magic 00073F56
Potent Aversion to Magic 00073F57
Malign Aversion to Magic 00073F58
Deadly Aversion to Magic 00073F59
Frenzy Poison 00073F5A
Potent Frenzy Poison 00073F5B
Virulent Frenzy Poison 00073F5C
Deadly Frenzy Poison 00073F5D
Fear Poison 00073F5E
Potent Fear Poison 00073F5F
Virulent Fear Poison 00073F60
Deadly Fear Poison 00073F61
Weak Vigor Poison 00073F8B
Vigor Poison 00073F8C
Potent Vigor Poison 00073F8D
Malign Vigor Poison 00073F8E
Weak Recovery Poison 00073F90
Magicka Recovery Poison 00073F91
Potent Recovery Poison 00073F92
Malign Recovery Poison 00073F93
Deadly Recovery Poison 00073F94
Paralysis Poison 00074A38
Potent Paralysis Poison 00074A39
Virulent Paralysis Poison 00074A3A
Deadly Paralysis Poison 00074A3B
Nightshade Extract 000CD883
Ice Wraith Bane 000E2D3D
Frostbite Venom 000E41B8