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Rings Item Codes

Explore Skyrim item codes. Information on how to use the item code, how to open the Skyrim command console, compatible Skyrim commands, examples, and required DLCs (if any).
Skyrim Item ID
Skyrim DLC
Ring of Peerless Conjuration 00100DFE
Ring of Minor Destruction 00100DFF
Ring of Destruction 00100E00
Ring of Major Destruction 00100E01
Ring of Eminent Destruction 00100E02
Ring of Extreme Destruction 00100E03
Ring of Peerless Destruction 00100E04
Ring of the Minor Knight 00100E0B
Ring of the Knight 00100E0C
Ring of the Major Knight 00100E0D
Ring of the Eminent Knight 00100E0E
Ring of the Extreme Knight 00100E0F
Ring of the Peerless Knight 00100E10
Ring of Minor Illusion 00100E11
Ring of Illusion 00100E12
Ring of Major Illusion 00100E13
Ring of Eminent Illusion 00100E14
Ring of Extreme Illusion 00100E15
Ring of Peerless Illusion 00100E16
Ring of Minor Lockpicking 00100E17
Ring of Minor Squire 00100E18
Ring of Squire 00100E18
Ring of Major Squire 00100E1A
Ring of Eminent Squire 00100E1B
Ring of Extreme Squire 00100E1C
Ring of Peerless Squire 00100E1D
Ring of Lockpicking 00100E1E
Ring of Major Lockpicking 00100E1F
Ring of Eminent Lockpicking 00100E20
Ring of Extreme Lockpicking 00100E21
Ring of Peerless Lockpicking 00100E22
Ring of Minor Archery 00100E23
Ring of Archery 00100E24
Ring of Major Archery 00100E25
Ring of Eminent Archery 00100E26
Ring of Extreme Archery 00100E27
Ring of Peerless Archery 00100E28
Ring of Eminent Deft Hands 00100E32
Ring of Sneaking 00100E41
Ring of Remedy 00100E51
Ring of Mending 00100E52
Ring of Regeneration 00100E53
Ring of Revival 00100E54
Ring of Recovery 00100E5C
Ring of Magic Abatement 0010DFCC
Ring of Nullification 0010DFCD
Ring of the Beast XX00E7FD
Ring of the Erudite XX00E7FE
Bone Hawk Ring XX011CF5