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Shouts Item Codes

Explore Skyrim item codes. Information on how to use the item code, how to open the Skyrim command console, compatible Skyrim commands, examples, and required DLCs (if any).
Skyrim Item ID
Skyrim DLC
KOOR = Summer 3CD33
OD = Snow 46B89
AH = Hunter 46B8A
VIING = Wing 46B8B
TIID = Time 48ACA
KLO = Sand 48ACB
UL = Eternity 48ACC
FO = Frost 5D16C
KRAH = Cold 5D16D
DIIN = Freeze 5D16E
ZUN = Weapon 5FB95
HAAL = Hand 5FB96
VIIK = Defeat 5FB97
STRUN = Storm 6029A
BAH (B4) = Wrath 6029B
QO = Lightning 6029C
KAAN = Kyne 6029D
DREM = Peace 6029E
OV = Trust 6029F
ZUL = Voice 602A0
MEY = Fool 602A1
GUT = Far 602A2
IIZ (3Z) = Ice 602A3
SLEN = Flesh 602A4
NUS = Statue 602A5
Dur (D6) = Curse XX0030D4
Neh = Never XX0030D6
Viir (V3r) = Dying XX0030D7
Rii = Essence XX007CB7
Vaaz = Tear XX007CB8
Zol = Zombie XX007CB9
Haas (H1s) = Health XX008A63
Lah (L4) = Magicka XX008A64
Gaan (G1n) = Stamina XX008A65
Gol = Earth XX0179D9
Ha (H4) = Mind XX0179DA
Dov = Dragon XX0179DB
Diil (D3l) = Undead XX01A162
Qoth = Tomb XX01A163
Zaam (Z1m) = Slave XX01A164
Mul = Strength XX01DF93
Qah (Q4) = Armor XX01DF94
Diiv (D3v) = Wyrm XX01DF95
Ven = Wind XX0200C2
Gar (G1r) = Unleash XX0200C3
Nos = Strike XX0200C4
Mid = Loyal XX0200E4
Vur (V6) = Valor XX0200E5
Shaan (Sh1n) = Inspire XX0200E6