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Skyrim Item Codes

Explore Skyrim item codes. Information on how to use the item code, how to open the Skyrim command console, compatible Skyrim commands, examples, and required DLCs (if any).
Skyrim Item ID
Skyrim DLC
SkyrimOvercastRainVT 10a7a6
SkyrimFogVT 10a7a7
SkyrimCloudyVT 10a7a8
FXSkyrimStormBlowingGrass 10c32f
SovngardeClear 10d9ec
FXWthrInvertWfindowsWinterhold 10da13
SkyrimCloudyVT_A 10e1e3
SkyrimClearVT_A 10e1e4
SkyrimCloudyMA_A 10e1e5
SkyrimClearMA_A 10e1e6
SkyrimCloudyCO_A 10e1e7
SkyrimClearCO_A 10e1e8
SkyrimCloudyRE_A 10e1e9
SkyrimClearRE_A 10e1ea
SkyrimCloudyFF_A 10e1eb
SkyrimClearFF_A 10e1ec
SkyrimCloudyTU_A 10e1ed
SkyrimClearTU_A 10e1ee
SkyrimCloudySN_A 10e1ef
SkyrimClearSN_A 10e1f0
SkyrimCloudy_A 10e1f1
SkyrimClear_A 10e1f2
EditorCloudPreview 10e3d4
RiftenOvercastFog 10fe7e
SovngardeDark 10fef8
SkyrimCloudy 12f89
DefaultWeather 15e
TESTCloudyRain 2e7ab
BlackreachWeather 48c14
SkyrimOvercastSnow 4d7fb
FXWthrInvertLightsSolitude 5ed7a
FXWthrInvertDayNight 6ed5a
FXWthrCaveBlueSkylight 6ed5b
FXWthrSunlight 7548f
FXWthrCaveBluePaleLight 75de5
FXWthrInvertDayNighWarm 777cf
SkyrimClear 81a
FXWthrInvertLightsWhiterun 8282a
SovngardeFog 923fd
WorldMapWeather a6858
FXWthrInvertWindowsWindhelm aee84
SkyrimFog c821e
SkyrimOvercastRain c821f
SkyrimStormRain c8220
SkyrimStormSnow c8221
SkyrimOvercastWar d299e
FXMagicStormRain d4886
HelgenAttackWeather d9329
FXWthrInvertWindowsWindhelm2 ecc96