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Spells Item Codes

Explore Skyrim item codes. Information on how to use the item code, how to open the Skyrim command console, compatible Skyrim commands, examples, and required DLCs (if any).
Skyrim Item ID
Skyrim DLC
Call to Arms 0007E8DD
Hysteria 0007E8DE
Dead Thrall 0007E8DF
Raise Zombie 0007E8E1
Blizzard 0007E8E4
Lightning Storm 0007E8E5
Bane of the Undead 0008C1AB
Muffle 0008F3EB
Revenant 00096D94
Dread Zombie 00096D95
Summon Unbound Dremora 00099F39
Flaming Familiar 0009CE26
Spectral Arrow 000AB23D
Vision of the Tenth Eye 000B323E
Mass Paralysis 000B62E6
Grand Healing 000B62EE
Close Wounds 000B62EF
Dragonhide 000CDB70
Equilibrium 000DA746
Guardian Circle 000E0CCF
The Gift of Charity 000EEF58
Prowler's Profit 000F20BE
Transmute 00109111
Conjure Dremora Lord 0010DDEC
Icy Spear 0010F7EC
Incinerate 0010F7ED
Thunderbolt 0010F7EE
Conjure Dragon Priest 0010FC16
Vampiric Drain Level 1 - 0008D5BF Level 2 - 0008D5C0 Level 3 - 0008D5C1 Level 4 - 0008D5C2
Stendarr's Aura XX0038B5
Vampire's Bane XX0038B6
Sun Fire XX003F52
Conjure Wrathman XX0045B3
Conjure Mistman XX0045B8
Conjure Boneman XX0045BA
Summon Arvak XX00C600
Necromantic Healing XX00E8D2
Heal Undead XX00E8D4
Whirlwind Cloak XX01772D
Ash Shell XX017731
Conjure Ash Guardian XX017782
Ash Rune XX0177AF
Frenzy Rune XX0177B7
Conjure Ash Spawn XX01CDF6
Bound Dagger XX01CE06
Poison Rune XX01D74B
Ignite XX02732B
Freeze XX02732D
Conjure Seeker XX033C66