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Bosmer (Wood Elf)
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Bosmer (Wood Elf)

Skyrim Race
Skyrim Race Bosmer (Wood Elf)
Location Valenwood
Unique Race Effects 50% Resistance to both Poison and Disease
Skyrim Race Bonuses • +10 Archery, +5 Alchemy, +5 Light Armor, +5 Sneak, +5 Lockpicking, +5 Pickpocket.
• Command Animal: Make nearby animals your allies for 60 seconds.
• 50% Poison and Disease Resistance.
Starting Skill by Skyrim Race
Smithing 15
Heavy Armor 15
Block 15
Two-Handed 15
One-Handed 15
Archery 25
Light Armor 20
Sneak 20
Lockpicking 20
Pickpocket 20
Speech 15
Alchemy 20
Illusion 15
Conjuration 15
Destruction 15
Restoration 15
Alteration 15
Enchanting 15
Starting Spells by Skyrim Race
Conjure Familiar
Unique Skyrim Race Powers
Power Name Command Animal
Description Make all surrounding animals your allies for 60 seconds.